At-Home Res Hab

Trained staff assists individuals in their own environment to develop communication, daily living and socialization skills. Participants use community resources to increase independence. The program is based on a service plan.

At-Home Respite

The overall objective of respite is to help families with care-giving responsibilities. Trained workers are matched with families to provide in-home supervision

Who is eligible for Community Habilitation?
  • Individuals who reside in Manhattan and the Bronx and who have a diagnosis of a developmental disability

  • Admission Requirements
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Pyschosocial Evaluation
  • Medical Evaluation with PPD clearance
  • MSC or PCSS enrollment
  • Waiver enrollment
    • For more information please contact:
      Dennisse Pinargote - 212.928.5810 Ext 126